Monday, June 19, 2006

I am sitting at my table, drinking a glass of red wine (only ONE glass of wine Mom and besides, it's good for me), exhausted from having just paid $50,000 in bills. $50,000. Insane. I have writers cramp. Once again it was one of those situations where on two cheques (2nd installment to John, final payment to Ian for drawings and design) I couldn't even fit the numbers on to one line. I had to do some creative wrapping.

At least I now have fully charged batteries in my digital camera so off I went to the house after picking up Satchel to take a few pictures.

There is fantastic progress on the foundation. Building will be starting next week. I am desperate to come home. This "camping" experience is wearing thin. I finally hung some paintings around the first floor of the house so it's looking a bit more like home but we're still living amongst boxes and I fear that we (Paul) have unconsciously decided what is the point of unpacking when we'll be going home soon. Of course I'll be insane by the time we move back because clutter and mess really push me over the edge and obviously Paul is a man who likes to live dangerously by keeping me in this volatile state of mind.

I have also included a picture of our heavily protected $1,400 tree - only missing guard detail - safe at least from the dog down the street and it's negligent owner who only picks up WHEN SOMEONE IS WATCHING. #*&@$^ city. That money better be back in our pocket by the end of the year. There's a stainless steel dishwasher with my name on it and that money is going to pay for it.

After our photo shoot, I took Satchel to his favourite place for dinner (I hesitate to actually call it a restaurant because that would imply quality food), McDogfood. But look how happy he is, polishing off two double cheeseburgers and a carton of chocolate milk.

Afterwards I took Jakey to Wychwood Park to feed bread to the ducks - four male mallards, battling it out for some cracked wheat. Jake had such a good time.

Paul is still sucking on popsicles but finally feels as though has turned a corner with the tonsillectomy. He's still experiencing pain but the pressure seems to be easing off, especially where it had moved in to his ears. He's also refusing to let me take his picture or a picture of the two pussy white medallions that used to be his tonsils. He can't hide from me forever.

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