Friday, June 09, 2006

It has been said by my husband that my reno blog contains more of my ramblings than actual reno information.

"What ever" I say in return.

So anyway, yesterday was the fun fair at my kid's school. The cupcakes that Jakob and I made were a huge hit - nothing makes a child shriek in delight more than icing, gummy worms, sprinkles and smarties. The kids had a fantastic time though Satchel had sprained his baby finger during gym and had it taped and iced when I arrived at the school. He was not happy - I would say he cried for at least 45 minutes. Even the gym teacher became concerned. Mr Peretta kept pulling me over saying he was fine during gym, he said it hurt but he wasn't crying. I said Satchel has a strong sensitive side and then I mouthed "suck it up princess!" Fortunately for Satchel he doesn't read lips. I think he was more upset that he was missing out on a lot of the activities of the fun fair but after a while, he forgot about his major disability and ran off with his friends to play.

9 year old boys are like pack animals with no sense of direction.

Afterwards we dropped by Pat's for a cooler and then stopped by the house to see the progress. (I still can't find my battery recharger for my camera and also see Paul, reno news) The footings have been framed and are ready for pouring on Monday. Strings are marking where the addition will be built too. Somewhere under a huge pile of muck lie my patio stones. And my plants. Farewell plants, you were too high maintenance anyway.

This weekend we were planning on going to London to visit my Mom since it's been far too long and also my sister to go over a kitchen design. Instead we are now having to go bathroom shopping on Saturday and have a meeting scheduled with John on Sunday to go over the changes and also to go over the window bids since they need to be ordered NOW. I bet you 78 cents in Canadian Tire money that they are going to cost much more than what was budgeted. I just have that feeling. That just been punched in the stomach feeling that I've been getting a lot lately.

Of course I might have the flu.

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