Friday, March 28, 2008

Some old man on the subway tried to pick me up yesterday afternoon. He said I was beautiful and was there any chance we could see each other again? Ummm, no.

He asked if I was really busy. I said "yes, very very busy" as I continued working on my sudoku.

All the while I'm thinking that maybe I would be a little more flattered if you looked like, oh I don't know, you had A JOB and even more importantly BATHED occasionally.

I was also told that I looked 32 by a woman in the office who is 32 so she would be the expert and I completely believe anything and everything she tells me going forward and if she ever needs a coffee...well I'm her bitch.

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Anonymous said...

Strength of personality should be enough, should it not?

I was told by my co-worker that most of the ladies at the bank think I am only 28 and, with you being four years older, 32 seems appropriate for my sister.