Thursday, March 13, 2008

March Break: 1st day off work to spend quality time with the children.

I woke to the sounds of Jakob screaming, frustrated by his DS. I made a promise to myself that this would not push me over the edge. Instead I came downstairs smiling, asked them how they slept and made breakfast. Jakob ate only half saying he was full. He really wanted to get back to his DS. Satchel is boycotting Jakob. Ignoring any and all requests for help with the DS.

Our house smells like poo. Where is it coming from? I wonder. I throw out all the garbage, the food waste, clean the cat litter and Lysol everything. Next step will be febreezing the furniture. Thank god for chemical products.

I'm trying to get the kids out the door to go to Wizard World. I think my period is going to start. Satchel refuses to get dressed.

I'm going to drink more coffee. Is it too early to throw Bailey's into it?

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Anonymous said...

You poor thing! I say "go for the Bailey's" it can only make the day better!!