Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I look forward to the end of this week. These past 10 days have been...insane. I was sick with a serious head cold and then flu bug all while trying to plan Paul's birthday blow-out weekend. was a success! I had told Paul I was inviting the usual suspects from the neighbourhood because he would have been suspicious if I had said:

"Nope, not doing a thing. Just make sure you're home by 8pm YOU GOT IT?" He can read me like an open book.

So he was thrilled Saturday night with various people showing up that he never have expected. Especially Kathy and Geoff - 2 of our favourite people from just outside of London (it was very difficult to actually let them go home on Sunday).

In total, we had at least 25 people...all crammed in my kitchen. I had tried luring them into other rooms by spreading food around, but with no luck. They knew where the booze was.

Sunday I had Paul's family over for dinner. By then I was feeling wretched again. And this was with me abstaining from drinking all weekend - well 2 glasses of wine Saturday night which really doesn't count if you can hold the entire amount you drink in both hands at the same time.

Today is the last of the madness - this morning was the "get up early and sit by the computer with phone in hand in hopes to enroll the kids into summer camp programs and swim lessons run by the city" day. I was moderately successful but now have to try to switch sessions or cancel sessions if they will let me. And tonight is my 5th guitar lesso for which I must have clocked in probably...oh let's say...0 MINUTES OF PRACTICE this past week between cold/flu and the arranging of Paul's party.

Plus I started my Illustrator class last night so am now officially a student.

I'm also having some serious issues with Jakob - which could be compounded by Paul's work schedule (in that he's always at work). Not sure what direction to take - maybe family counselling? Poor little guy, he's tricky.

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