Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yesterday started out brilliantly.

Paul and I went to the school to watch Jakob accept his award for Student of the Month (pictures will be posted later today) and he was adorable, waving to us from the front of the auditorium.

Afterwards Paul left for work with the promise to meet me at the hospital and I went home to putter, make coffee and build up anxiety before the mammogram.

The imaging department was running behind so I waited nearly an hour in my blue gown and then was finally ushered into the room where the technician scanned both breasts! She felt it was important to get a scan of my chest wall, which makes tremendous sense when I think that is where the cancer came within a hair width of spreading. But this squishing caused me even greater stress - I had visions of my 15-hour reconstructed chest mound being popped, or squeezed permanently into some weird shape complete with an orange peel texture - even visions of it deflating and shifting south, competing with my new naval, danced through my head.

But I won't know the results until today - a specialist was to look at the scan yesterday afternoon and then they would call me back if necessary. Knock on wood, I haven't heard from them yet so I'm really hoping everything is clean.

To end my day, Satchel pulled out his last baby tooth (a molar deep in the back) and this was probably a bit premature considering all the blood over the bathroom and the tissues in the waste basket - not to mention the pain it caused him.

I felt a bit sad about it too which was crazy - another vestige of youth left behind.

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Anonymous said...

What's a bit of pain and blood where money is concerned.

Looking forward to seeing a picture of Jakob sans Gameboy.

And, I am sure, you will be fine.