Sunday, November 04, 2007

Why do I do this to myself?

Why do I say at work "I have a great idea, how about I do an original painting to be turned into the office Christmas card, to be sent out to ALOT of incredibly important clients!" And do I stop there? OF COURSE NOT! For then I add "I will donate the painting to our United Way Auction to help raise money!"

Sure...this sounds like an absolutely fabulous and altruistic idea, but I always seem to block one critical component from my mind.

That I actually have to DO the painting.

And now I am stressed, with little time, looking at what I've painting so far with terrible acrylic paint and my kids' brushes, because I can't find my oils and good brushes, and can only think:


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Anonymous said...

Here are some great, and wonderful, and highly original ideas for you:
-ducks (everyone loves ducks)
-unicorns (almost as popular as ducks)
-Elvis on black velvet (more popular than Brian Mulroney)
-babies with big eyes

Hope this helps you figure out what to paint.