Monday, November 26, 2007

Satchel and I braved the Eaton's Centre with 1 TRILLION OTHER PEOPLE on Saturday to find him new boots and a few other things.

This is the second pair of boots that I bought Satchel this season - the first pair was bought while shopping in the States 2 months ago with my niece but his feet have grown 2 sizes in a period of less than two months.

And interestingly the first pair of boots (size 6) cause him to sob when he wears them (twice), yet wheeling around in his size 5 Heelys seems to be okay...

Anyway, forgive the digression.

While walking around the Eaton Centre, Satchel was chipper and enthusiastic. Even saying "You know why I'm such a good runner Mommy? It's the stamina built up from going on long walks with you!" And we would hug and smile and walk on to the next store.

2 hours later, Satchel is now grabbing his chest and his arms, crying that we need to leave the mall NOW!!!!! because he is having a heart attack.

Fine fine fine. We'll leave. Can we stop by this store first? No? The pain is too much to shop? Fine.

Then we're standing on the subway platform with Satchel leaning into me, openly weeping, me trying really hard to not roll my eyes while the 1 MILLION people waiting for the subway cast bewildered looks at me.

"But don't worry Mommy, I may be having a heart attack but I can still play PAINTBALL tomorrow!"

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