Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Last Sunday I took the boys to the Santa Clause parade.

It started out fine - we were fairly close to the street, elves were throwing candy, we caught candy and then...

...the most devastating thing that could possibly happen, happened.

Satchel was given a cookie, Jakob was not.

Jakob spent the rest of the parade screaming "this parade sucks. all the floats? they SUCK! the people watching the parade...THEY SUCK!"

Then he dared to say what should never be spoken by children..."SANTA SUCKS!"

It was pretty bad. It was all I could do not to pick him up and toss him into one of the passing floats and say good riddance.

But then, probably at the 3/4 mark, an elf threw a lone miniature candy cane and Jakob caught it. Suddenly, everything was okay. Satchel wasn't the favoured one, Jakob too was lucky. He had a candy cane, didn't even matter that he doesn't really like them, and Satchel didn't.

Suddenly he LOVED the parade and he really LOVED Santa. As he explained to me, he had just been in a bit of a bad mood.

Jakob trying to look cute after getting the candy cane.

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Anonymous said...

That kid just cracks me up!