Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Today my Satchel turns 10!

We had a leisurely day - Satchel first waking to participate in the traditional hunt for his birthday presents, complete with obscure clues to track them down. This is Jakob's final day of recovery before returning to daycare (thank God) from his tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy so we left the house for the first time since the surgery to go to the park. I was desperate to get out, I was very quickly being driven insane from being trapped in the house this past week. We spent over 2 hours hanging out, climbing, covering each other with sand - just basking in the sunshine which did us all a world of good. Then I made Satchel his dinner preference (shepherd's pie) and a big gooey chocolate birthday cake for dessert. Pat, Jake, Griffin, Sam & Ridley showed up and joined us for the cake which was really nice, especially for Satch, it felt more like a party.

Paul spoke with John today; the electrical & plumbing is finished and the Styrofoam is up at the back of the house allowing the first coat of stucco to be started possibly tomorrow. We received the sample swatch today, it looks a lot like concrete with a grainy finish - I hope it works, I feel like I question everything now. We asked John to try to get us back in the house for end of October. Our thinking is we might have a better chance subletting this place for beginning of November rather than December which would really help financially. He's going to put a timeline together and see if everything can be pulled together.

We also heard from Shirley saying that the kitchen cabinets are finished and all they need is an installation date. I had a dream about the kitchen installation this past weekend - it looked awful and was stained yellow. This reno is definitely getting to me.

HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY SATCHEL! The day is done.

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