Saturday, August 12, 2006

The boys are home - back from 5 days visiting Paul's parents in Grand Falls.

And I have been alone in the house for that same time (which explains why nothing has been written on this blog). Time spent at work, socializing with friends and family, and living in a clean well-ordered house where I have eaten nothing but pop corn and nachos. Thank god for red wine because otherwise I'm sure I'd have scurvy.

I took a trip over to the house to see what has been done. I think I can confidently say that we are now half way through this crazy process.

Last Tuesday, a meeting had been scheduled with John, Jon (kitchen cabinets) and myself. Unfortunately Jon didn't make it in time so I had to return to work and he was left dealing with Ron the sub-contractor. But final measurements have been made and the kitchen can now be built. Unfortunately changes keep taking place - now massive changes to accomodate HVAC which impacts the design of the kitchen and the ceiling height in the powder room. The bathroom had Paul cursing because he felt it was more laziness and that we should have been told.

Beware Paul's wrath I tell you.

What will be interesting to me is how different the final result will be from the original concept. Everything has changed and what the cost became for our project was a rude awakening. It turns out we had very expensive taste and have been humbled considerably. I worry most that after this entire process, the place won't be as nice as it could have been. I liken it to planning a wedding; you have a vision, work out all the details, make commitments to people, almost in the abstraction and definitely a leap of faith that they will come through for you - yet the day arrives, it all comes together and is perfect. Well, except for our photographer, he was terrible.

But I tend to get caught up far too much in the details. What is helpful to me is parading friends and family through the reno so that they can drink in the entire picture and not worry about how the HVAC is wrecking the perfect symmetry and screwing up my plans for a light fixture in the bathroom. Or how I don't like the positioning of the closets in the boys' rooms. The french doors looking out in to the backyard are beautiful, and the kitchen will be fantastic. The boys will have their own rooms, the main bathroom will be great and for the first time in many, many years I'll be able to have a relaxing bath because THERE WILL BE A LOCK ON THE BATHROOM DOOR.

My brother Thomas drove in from Edmonton for a few days - here's a picture of the him during the free tour.

And also a picture of the new windows installed in Satchel's room.

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