Friday, August 25, 2006

Jake smells. I want him to have a bath. Does he want a bath? No. And he's very vocal about it. Even without tonsils.

Paul stopped by the house last night after working out, more progress by electrician and we chose the stucco surface and colour - we should have a sample board today.

One thing we need to get our act together on is getting a kitchen sink and faucet. Supposedly the faucet we've been trying to get from Home Depot has been discontinued because it's been breaking. My sister is getting her supplier to quote on a laminate surface to see if it's a good deal and I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that Kim's brother will be able to do our stainless steel island.

All I really want to do is go on endlessly about Jakob as I sit here in my pajamas (it's after 1pm) smelling of chemicals (cleaning the filth that is my rental house). He had a good night but this morning was rough. His throat hurts more after sleeping and he was very resistant to eating popsicles, drinking water, taking tylenol - preferring instead to yell and cry. Seeing that he's very strong willed, it took about an hour to finally get him to cautiously put a popsicle in his mouth. But I do see an improvement already in his sleep - he's much quieter. If only that quietness would trickle over in to the day time.

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