Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another frustrating day of fruitless running around.

There is a faucet we want to buy from Home Depot on page 55 of their Dream Book for Spring/Summer 2006. But can anyone get us this faucet. No. Not the people at the two Home Depots we have tried, not the useless people on the other end of the 1-800 number marked in the catalogue, not their web site. No one. Well, not true, one person can for 15% more than advertised price in the catalogue. Bastard. But we'll be returning to him tomorrow to order it and I'm hoping I get hit with a huge wave of PMS so that I can frighten him into giving it to us for the advertised priced and forcing him into short-term disability.

Why is this such an exercise in frustration? Is it a conspiracy? Does the world really want me to become an alcoholic (3 glass of wine so far tonight)? Is there some sadistic male god out there pulling the strings of my life while laughing hysterically?

Probably though, it would be just my luck.

I wrote out two cheques today to John. One massive one, one the size of the stove I want. He said he couldn't continue with the HVAC changes without it.

So more changes to my original plan have been made. Today my pocket door is being sacrificed (which John never wanted to install in the first place, I remember these initial meetings) and instead a barn door set up will be installed. Fortunately for John and Paul I did see it used in an old House & Home magazine and it looked fantastic, so will find that issue. Now, I know that the barn door set up is cheaper than the pocket door and also requires a thinner wall, but I'm sure that the fact it's changing will counter any cost savings it might have presented and Paul has said there's no way they're going to reframe for a thinner wall. I'm also told that I'm losing further inches in the library.

Fortunately windows have been installed. Paul had to go over and meet up with John again so I handed him the digital camera with instructions to take pictures. Here's the ONE picture he took. It does look nice.

Before our useless trip to Home Depot, we took the kids to movies. I took Satchel to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and Paul took Jakob to Haunted House. Jakob lasted 10 minutes before Paul came searching us out in our theatre to get my debit card for a refund. They spent the rest of the time eating ice cream and then sitting in the car for AN HOUR. Crazy. I'd have been shopping, dragging Jakob along explaining the merits of buying pretty new clothes.

We also went to Costco for a snack (I'd skipped lunch). That's how low we've fallen, we're eating at Costco. But really, for $10 we had two hotdogs, unlimited drinks, pizza and the best french fries in the entire world. And then I bought a down-filled winter coat for $69 designed by Perry Ellis! God I love Costco.

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