Monday, January 18, 2010

Calcifications look benign but need to have follow-up.

Eek - in May I have an MRI, June a meeting with my oncologist and July another mammogram.

Now I'm no pansy, I've had more mammograms than I can count, but holy CRAP, what I went through today at the hospital was no ordinary mammogram! Even the technician, God bless her, said "Brace yourself, this one hurts. Now this next view, we have to hold you in place for one full minute before we take the image. Now breath. Breath."

I was squished so tight there was no room for oxygen. And then when she said "Now DON'T BREATH!" I sincerely thought I would pass out, held up by a machine and one very flat breast.

I'm not entirely comfortable though playing the waiting game so in June I'm going to bring up the mastectomy with my oncologist. I think it's the only thing that makes sense because I sincerely can't deal with all this stress!


Anonymous said...

Hey Meg;
If I were in your shoes I would probably go for the same option.
My wish for you is for you to live peacefully for another 50 years.
Of course I wish you a long life so that when you turn 80 I can say "Gee Meg, you are a lot like Mom was when she was 80". Then you can glare and I can say "See, told you so".

Anonymous said...

I'm So gald to hear you are okay...whew!!