Thursday, May 14, 2009

Porch project status: parging done. (By Carlos, a man who speaks little English though has lived in Toronto for 15 years but is very cute and calls Jakob boss. Jakob offers him cookie pieces which he politely declines. Jakob says he seems like a very nice man.) Paul has just left for Rona to pick up a few things and will begin construction tomorrow!

What was interesting in tearing up the rotting porch is finding out that the parging our (evil) contractor was supposed to be responsible for when they rebuilt the foundation at the front of the house, charged at his inflated price plus his inflated 21% fee because it was considered a CHANGE ORDER, was not actually done. They only parged what we were able to see, the very corners.

But I will take a breath, stab a few toothpicks into the voodoo doll and let it go.

Back to the porch, I'm thinking of painting all the trim one colour, para paint P5221-62. I'm trying to find an online chip but for some reason am having a bit of trouble since Para only wants to show me colour pallets that THEY like.

Now because there is nothing more boring than parging photos, I'm also going to post photos of Jakob with Hamish, my $560 cat minus 2 teeth which I took today because Jakob has been home sick having vomited first thing this morning (all over 2 House & Home magazines and my Ikea catalogue...sob). I feel for Hamish, he's often the focus of Jakob's affection and attention and seldom gets the chance to walk.

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Anonymous said...

On the bright side it looks like you can get your contractor for fraud. Talk to Bill about that one.