Tuesday, May 19, 2009

After holding my breath for a week, I can finally let out air. That slight breeze you just felt against your cheek was me and all my relief. I had my ultrasound today at Mt Sinai hospital and there is no cancer. THANK. GOD.

I have made the decision to talk to my oncologist about removing my remaining breast as a preventative against cancer even though I don't think I'm gene positive...but this stress of being tested every 6 months and worrying have they found something? Have they missed something? is wreaking havoc on my brain and life. The specialist today said that MRIs do not work well on me which is the first time I have ever heard that - now having had 3 of them. She said mammograms and ultrasound show more.

I'll have to talk to my oncologist about that.

To celebrate we have opened wine, grilled steak on the bbq and toasted our good health and all our friends who have supported us through this crazy time...again!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your new pic !

mchen said...

And a big breath of relief from here. I can imagine wanting to find any and every way to rid yourself of all possible worries... and I CAN'T imagine the anxiety that you must have through all this.

Lean hard on all those wonderful loved ones, and stay strong. I'm thinkin' of you!!!