Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Breakfast Television ( has a contest ending this Friday - supply a photo of your decrepit old washer/dryer and have the chance to win a beautiful, brand new, front-loading pair!

Mine are beyond disgusting (see below, if you click on the photo you will get an enlarged version to more easily read their pleas), so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Mind you I have won only two things in my entire life: a hairdryer from our local drugstore when I was 12 (the fancy kind with a base, a tube and a bag that fits over your head) and when I was 30 a pair of return flight tickets to Montreal. So 14 years have gone by and NOTHING. Perhaps it's finally my time - seeing as the many lottery tickets just aren't working for me.


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the contest!
You can't win if you don't enter
What brand are they giving away?

Anonymous said...

Wow those are ugly.
Fly out to Edmonton and I will let you use my front loader for free!
(Good luck on the contest.)

Meg said...

I believe they are Maytag and they are beautiful and worth $3000!

Anonymous said...

Your old machines are worth $3000?