Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Christmas came late this year for the kitties. Today I braved the snow storm for two catnip bananas to help them cope with their feelings of confinement (plus one bag of fisherman lozenges, 3 bottles of wine and 1 bottle of cosmo mix - not for me Preppy Pauper, I've learned my lesson!)...and I now have two very happy, very stoned cats.

Now for the post-stone entertainment: Arthur has the munchies and Hamish is licking his bottom frantically.

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The Preppy Pauper said...

Wine = Human Cat Nip?

I'm so sorry the term "Cosmo" now has a negative connotation. We'll have to try again with a portion of vodka that does not induce alcohol poising and an automatic trip to the Betty Ford Clinic.