Friday, November 28, 2008

Jakob's big word of the day: constipatedness.

Oh? You've never heard of constipatedness?

It is the word of the day that he loves.

While sitting in the powder room for an intolerable amount of time, playing his DS, barely able to breath because of the stench he is personally responsible for, he yells out: "Mommy, I am master of constipatedness. I get 2000 constipatedness points.

Mommy, I'm just kidding, there really isn't a contest."


Anonymous said...

Should tell him the grand prize for constipatedness is an "Oh, oh it's burning! Take it out! Take it out!" suppository.

Anonymous said...

Last up date was November 28th? Hello!!! It is December 10th!!!! Update please!!! Anyone home???