Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Jakob and I are debating how much we love each other - how much more he loves me than I love him and vica versa. So far he's throwing more than unlimited universes - and for me to just try and top that!

Now it's November and my pumpkins have been thrown into the recycling bin to be hauled off by the city to make compost or vodka or something.

November is the month when I again completely over extend myself. Why I don't read earlier posts of my blog is beyond me because then I would know better and say NO, I AM DEFINITELY NOT DOING ANOTHER PAINTING FOR THE OFFICE UNITED WAY AUCTION AND THEN HAVE IT TURNED INTO THE OFFICE CHRISTMAS CARD. But instead I say yeah, sure... why not? I'm drunk what the heck. So I now have a wet canvas sitting on top of my dryer because I have no where else to paint, and frankly it looks like crap. But I must finish it by the end of this weekend so that it will hopefully be dry by next Friday's auction.

Or not.

Because really, how committed can I be if I'm spending the afternoon drinking wine at the Rushton, our fabulous neighbourhood hang out, with my neighbour William?

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