Friday, April 18, 2008

It's my birthday today!

And right now, at a time when I thought I would be indulging in a pedicure, or picking up a few things for the party Paul's throwing tomorrow night, I am instead at home with Jakob (who was sent home from school for not feeling well) who is obsessed with my cleaning the inside of his bum after pooing. Yes, THE INSIDE. For the record, I have completely drawn the line and refuse.

I have never met anyone who is as obsessed with post bathroom cleanliness as he is. And it's not just cleaning himself, it's the concern that he might smell bad. He also constantly judges people on what they smell like and if he even suspects there might be a bit of an odour on you - out. As Paul finds out regularly with Jakob yelling "DADDY - YOU STINK!!!!! YOU STINK LIKE POO!!!"

Thanks Jakob, just what the entire neighbourhood needs to hear.

I have just finished and sent off my final school assignment and now feel so free - well except for the final exam on Tuesday. Between work (which has been insanely busy and I am no longer flattered by being in such high demand), I have been managing the school newsletter and assignments for school - plus trying to squeeze in practice for the guitar lessons which I absolutely love. The guitar lessons that prove I have become retarded at the age of 44 with zero memory retention - which does pose a bit of a problem while learning - and that I have absolutely no finger dexterity at all.

But here I am in all my age old glory. Thank you photoshop, I love you most of all.


D.R.E.A.M- a young Lavictoire family said...

Happy Birthday Meg.
Wishing you a wonderful year, one full of compassion,contentment,and courage.
Sending Love and Warm Smiles,
Amanda and the family.

Anonymous said...

What? You refused to clean the inside of his refuse chute?
I am sure ever other parent on the block would be doing it for their kids.
Well at least you are taking your sense of humour along for the trip into your old age.
Called your cell and home phone today but no answer on either.
So happy birthday dear much old sister.