Monday, April 07, 2008

Is it really so wrong to be insanely estatic to find enough left over coffee from yesterday to make one very necessary cup?

I'm heating it right now.

Yesterday was an indulgence overload day - I ate more meals (probably 2 days worth) and drank more martinis and wine (probably 3 days worth) that I am feeling a tad wrecked today.

But it is glorious outside and I have a mound of cat poo in the backyard that's calling my name so I shall put my cup of day-old re-heated slop in a travel mug and some really big dark glasses and make my way outside.


Anonymous said...

Wow, u too? I have cat poo, dog poo, racoon poo, and even bird poo.

Don't these animals know how to use a toilet!!!

Anonymous said...

Uh, excuse me, but today IS the 14TH.
Isn't it time for an update?????

Anonymous said...

Anyone home?
Still waiting!!

Anonymous said...

1.5 hours until b-day.
Pre-emptive greetings initiated.
Happy 34th Birthday Meg!!
May the spirits be kind to you this year.