Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Illustrator course...DONE!

And might I add that I aced my 2 final tests last night (I'm hesitant to label them exams because that would give them a certain weight which they definitely did not deserve) with marks of 19/20 and 25/25.

But I can't figure out where I lost the one mark so I will lay blame on my instructor, he probably miscounted the check marks.

The woman beside me, who sat at the computer I have been using since the class began - which totally left me agitated because I am a creature of habit and quite anal and do like things as orderly as mistress universe can create for me and therefore cast her the evil eye as consequence (learn from me Satchel!) - actually tried to get me to help her! To cheat!

Not only am I anal and all the other qualities listed above, but I am also a perfectionist and a rule follower and DO NOT help people write final exams, especially those who steal my computer.

I began to feel bad for her as I quickly finished the practical part of the exam and she sat staring into my, I mean her I broke down and mumbled sub-menu knowing that even though I handed her the solution to the first of her many issues, a stiff drink might have served her better.

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