Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

Paul and I are having a romantic dinner prepared by Marcket Fine Foods and are indulging in a sparkling wine infused with strawberries. And thinking of all of you.

Jakob made a beautiful Valentine's Day card at school, complete with many hearts and a photograph of himself. Is it for me? No. Paul? No. Satchel or the cats? No. It's for his best friend Zachary. Bugger.

But then again, what did I get from Satchel? Oh right, NOTHING.

I have attached a few Valentine pictures for you.

This is my favourite Valentine card from last year, given to Paul which still graces the magnet board in my kitchen.

Jakob and Satchel's dessert. Jakob is saying it's not very good and why won't Paul open up his chocolates and share with him RIGHT NOW?

Finally, a couple of crazy bobble heads given to Satchel (flying pig) and Jakob (crazy cat) as little Valentine's presents. Jakob took great issue because he is positive they are GIRL presents and may burn when touched.

I kind of wish I had bought more than one bottle of the strawberry infused wine.

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