Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh, just shoot me now.

I'm so tired, my throat is sore. Jakob pissed the bed at 2am, more like flooded the bed but thank god not the room. After I stripped him down, cleaned him up and replaced pajamas, stripped the bed and threw everything into the bathtub, sopped up the urine from the thankfully plastic coated mattress, let him climb into our bed, calm him down, distract him from the rant of:

YOU PROMISED YOU WOULD FIX MY BLANKET, BUT YOU HAVEN'T YET, WHY HAVEN'T YOU??!!! Because Jakob, obviously, I'm a bad mother and would rather lounge around reading trashy magazines and eating bon bons.

I just could not get back to sleep. Even with the soothing sounds of Paul snoring.


Anonymous said...

That's funny.
I get woken up with:
"Daddy I wet the bed."
"Okay", I say and go check it out.
Hmmmm...bed is dry.
"Let's see your pajama pants."
Hmmm....they are dry.
"Let's see the front of your boxers."
Then I see it a couple of little wet spots on the front.
Of course we can't go back to bed until they are dry.

Anonymous said...

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