Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hmmm, what a weekend.

It started Friday, picking Jakob & Satchel up from school. Jakob was nearly hysterical, he had lost his beloved bakugan brought for show and tell.

I took the boys upstairs, feeling happy since I had met up with Pat after work and after a semi successful run to Restoration Hardware we went to The Rushton for a drink. Well, Mrs. Davidson was there and needed to talk to me "PRIVATELY".

I did my silent prayer to the great goddess of sobriety that she wouldn't smell any alcohol on my breath, since I'm sure she only drinks cooking sherry and that's only when she's downing her Valium after a long day at school.

She told me that she's having issues with Jakob and his listening skills. That his bakugan had been taken away because he wouldn't stop playing with it and unfortunately it disappeared from her desk. That the principal and vice principal (and as Paul reminded me, scary gym teacher) has also complained to us about his listening and lack of respect.

And now he has also decided to treat a smaller than average student in his class as a pet and pretty much mauls him whenever he's close, and has hurt him by accidentally whacking him in the head a couple of times.


We now have a time limit on gaming to see if that helps. The time limit doesn't seem to apply this first weekend because Paul and Jakob are averaging anywhere from 4 to 6 hours A DAY up in the attic which only leaves me bitter.

But starting Monday, our lives will be hell but Jakob should definitely be better at listening and also better be a lot more respectful.

Nice part of the weekend was the date that Paul and I had Saturday night which included the musical We Will Rock You and a drink at the Regal Heights Bistro.

Now while drinking a glass (okay my third) of wine, I am dismantelling the remaining Christmas decorations which leaves me a bit sad so I will post a few pictures in my blog, so that it's like Christmas forever!

My favourite new ornament this year, that became the hostess gift I gave everyone. Two still decorate my dining room light fixture which becomes more glittery all the time. I think I may have to keep these up all year round. Too fabulous to take down.

Okay, why is this picture on it's side?

Every year I give Satchel and Jakob a new ornament, this was for Christmas 2007, so that romantically when they move out and have their first Christmas in their own house (which will never happen because we will celebrate Christmas together FOREVER) they will have a collection of ornaments that mean the world to them and remind them how absolutely fantastic their mother is.

Again, why?

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