Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm dragging my sorry butt out of bed, having taken the day off to nurse a headache that just won't go way and I can't think of anything more painful this minute than staring into a computer screen...but here I am!

I went to my GP yesterday and 5 minutes before leaving the office to go to the appointment my oncologist calls, so I tell her I'm off to my GP and will call when I return.

Trudy (my doctor) checks me out and tells me not to say where the lump is, she wants to find it. So after much prodding she finds ANOTHER LUMP. Not the one I'm in complaining about. I wave that one off saying I think it's because I'm MENSTRUATING (ha! sorry all male readers of blog) but here's the one I'm concerned about. Fortunately she doesn't think it's anything to worry about but said

"Because you were so lucky last year, getting caught early, I think you'd better get this one checked out too and get the green stamp by Dr. McCready. And have an MRI sooner than later."

So off I go back to work and call the oncologist's office, and she actually picks up, and now have an appointment on Monday at 3:45.

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