Friday, December 07, 2007

This has been the worst week EVER.

Not only does Aunt Maureen have a massive stroke, work was insanely busy and I had functions virtually every night (which I hate, because I am by nature a little on the anti social side - hence the blog), this morning SOMEONE TRASHED MY WORK SPACE.

I was so ANGRY, I should virtually type the rest of the post in upper case. Picture frames were all over the floor, pulled apart, my kind of ugly inukshuk was chipped, photos thrown around, my lamp knocked over. I could barely function. And I don't think this was the cleaners because I think that if they had somehow managed to accidentally cause the mess, they probably would have piled all the pieces back on my desk.

And now, I have to shower and make myself pretty because for the first time ever, I have to go to Paul's office Christmas party.

But first, I must go wipe Jakob's bum because the King is "DONE POOPING!"

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