Sunday, December 09, 2007

PRESENTS FOR HALF OF HUMANITY - not quite there yet.

Just spent an entire afternoon with Satchel at the Sufferin Mall, specifically in Walmart and ToysRUs.

And Paul and Jakob have spent the entire afternoon in the attic playing Lego Starwars II. And are still up there while I am surrounded by an absolute mess, which really should have been cleaned up, and am cooking dinner...FOR THEM.

Jakob has just stopped by to tell me, no...TO ORDER ME to call Satchel RIGHT NOW because he NEEDS him. I said "Don't talk to me like that and NO I am not calling Satchel and you and Daddy can stop playing and stay downstairs."

That went really well. Jakob yelled NOOOOOOOOO, stomped the floor with his feet and headed back upstairs.

I'm always amazed that none of them can sense when I am about to throw a telephone.

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