Monday, December 03, 2007

Oh, what's that over there? An open bottle of wine? And if I'm really really quiet, I think I can hear it calling to me.

My kids, no correction, ALL KIDS are completely pushing me over the edge. Jakob has been horrible this entire weekend and I'm not sure if part of it can be attributed to Paul being away or if it's just his nature right now. But he has me walking around with a massive stomach ache.

I just had a mirror installed in the powder room this afternoon with strict instructions NOT TO USE THE SINK because of the fresh caulking. I pick up the kids from school, Satchel as usual is bringing home a stray and wants to walk ahead of me and Jakob. I hand over the keys and say YOU CAN USE THE POWDER ROOM BUT NOT THE SINK. A MIRROR HAS BEEN INSTALLED AND THE CAULKING CAN'T GET WET. Satchel says okay.

I get home, ask where the stray is, he says in the bathroom.

Stray comes out, I say YOU DIDN'T USE THE SINK DID YOU?

He says, Oh yeah, I did.


He says, Oh well.

I do NOT commit murder though it is very close.

I walk into the bathroom and the mirror and caulking is soaked.

But kindly, the stray did forget to flush and put the seat down so I had a bowl of piss staring at me.

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