Monday, July 16, 2007

July 17, 1968

The world became a better, though slightly crazier, place with the birth of THESE TWO:

Thomas - wishing you a fantastic birthday! Dave - you too, but you have never read my blog and will therefore never know the greetings and possible slight humiliation being passed your way.



Anonymous said...

Thanks Meg.
Hard to believe it has already been 21 years since that fateful day.
Wow. Now I can legally drink in the States!
(Damn! It's Dave's b-day 2? Ah man!)

Anonymous said...

p.s. It was actually 1968. Not 1969. I see through your ploy. Make us younger and, by way of relation, make yourself younger.
Very smart.
Still can't believe I forgot it was Dave's birthday. lol
Although I did convince one of my co-workers that we were born conjoined.

my reno said...

I can't believe I made that mistake with the year!

But I should add that these are my two MUCH older brothers. Not as old as the other two - they're insanely old, way older than I am. But these two - many many MANY years older.