Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I had my allergy testing today - but I'm very suspicious. First I've gained 6 pounds, lost 1/2 an inch in height and my blood pressure has shot from a standard 110/70 to 130/78. I'm most irritated about the 6 pounds. Plus the waiting room was decked out in religious reproductions and the angry young woman behind the desk spent her time licking labels and ignoring people in the waiting room.

The doctor was lovely though made me realize I am not nearly as curious about the world as I thought I was as he grilled me about the big apple in Kingston and WHY as a citizen of Ontario HAD I NEVER BEEN IN IT?!!

Anyway, I left the office with 10 long scratches across my arm and a list saying I should cut down on:

kiwi, apples, peaches, tuna, shrimp, salmon, peanuts and eggs and of course sulfite which was not on the list but my whole reason for going. I should also avoid, and thus hire a cleaning person and gardener, mold, dust, ragweed, tobacco smoke, grass pollens, tree pollens, weeds, cat hair and dog hair.

I kind of want to mess with my neighbour's head and not let on that the scratches are a result of allergy testing but make him worry about my mental health and think I'm cutting myself. Never mind, I just had a drink with the neighbours and confessed my plan.

Man, the scratches are really starting to hurt!

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Anonymous said...

Meg, Meg, Meg.
Don't feel threatened by the 6lbs. I have a feeling it is lean body mass and not FAT. So, don't stress about it and I'm sure your b/p will come down.. and BTW, the 130 # shouldn't scare you at all. It is probably the result of rushing to the appt or having had some coffee or having the "white coat syndrome". So many variables.
I know how to get your 1/2 inch back. YOGA. Yoga will help lengthen your spine (it will give more room between your vertebrae) and help you to stand and sit taller. ;)
Love you always. Amanda