Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I got my first tattoo today!

Nothing exciting, just a nipple.

I was told by one doctor that she had heard of a woman opting to have an eyeball tattooed rather than just the colouration of a nipple - I said "no, call me a traditionalist, but I'll keep it natural." Then added "That woman was a freak! What was she thinking?! I can imagine many other things...but an EYEBALL?!." What is she going to do, pull down her shirt and say "I can see you!"

I have to say that it's weird knowing something is being done to your body but you feel nothing. First a series of needles containing a freezing agent were injected deeply under the nipple and I knew she was doing it, couldn't see it because I was lying down and covered with towels, but felt nothing. I asked why bother and she said just in case plus it slows the blood flow. I closed my eyes focusing hard on feeling something, but there was nothing.

It's creepy. Really creepy.

During the tattooing I could feel a slight sensation of the pressure caused by the dragging of the needle but nothing else. Now I have a huge bandage so I'm not sure what they've done - there could be an eyeball and I won't know for 2 more days.

I really hope not.

The process seems different from a traditional tattoo: first they paint the pigment on to the skin and then attack you with the needle, plus I'm lying in a comfortable bed, surrounded by very nice women dressed in white which no piercings or body markings to speak of - and remember the drugs.

All very civilized.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the tatoo. Now we have something else in common besides my newish oldish last name, curly-haired sons and our love of hair dye. Now you just have to get it pierced. :)

Anonymous said...

Although, as time goes on, I do believe you will regret not getting the eye.