Thursday, February 15, 2007

We are finished with ___. I can't believe I'm finally writing these words after 9 months. T__ came last week to install the hardware on the barn door and L____ came Friday to do the final paint touch ups. And yesterday, well yesterday we received his final bill.

I didn't sleep last night thinking about the bill and how he completely screwed us financially...yet again. How I border on hating him because I feel I'm a pretty nice person, was incredibly easy to work with even though I did get diagnosed with breast cancer 4 months into the process, made decisions quickly, paid him promptly...even offered him a drink when he came over to collect his funds.

And he sends us this final bill, over charging us on the last bits of the job and yet crazily low balling the amounts we were to be credited to the point of me wanting to shake him and ask does he truly think we're that stupid or naive to accept these numbers? I kind of want to contact Mike Holmes, not to complain about the quality of work but to complain about unethical and fraudulent billing practices.

But how do I go about it when ____ refuses to surrender any receipts to me? He can make up any cost he wants and ship them my way - as he bragged to Kim about a year ago at a separate party on how he handles his life as a contractor. A conversation I wish I'd been privy too.

He's going to wait a while before he sees the last cheque from us - I have many phone calls to make and prices to verify.

I think what also makes me angry is that this was supposed to be finished before Christmas, not the week before I return to work. Did I really have any time to recover from my 15-hour mastectomy and reconstruction? No. I was to busy having to deal with his guys in the house before 8:00 am or him forcing me out, hunting down lights while holding my insides together - only to find he didn't really need them as urgently as he led me to believe.

But the saga of ___ will continue in this blog until I do hand him that last amount. There will be a lot more pins in that voodoo doll and no recommendation.

Unfortunately my camera is still in the shop so no reveal pictures...yet.

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Anonymous said...

It has been over a week since the last update. What is going on?
Please fill us in on current developments.