Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Good god - will this reno never end?

Tim was here before 8:00 am to work on the barn door forcing me to get out of bed. How do I make them understand that I want NO ONE IN THE HOUSE BEFORE 10:00 (my getting up time of choice). The barn door is now finished, hardware installed and track cut down, but the painters now need to come back to touch up dings, cracks and spots they missed before.

This reno will never be over.

Tim is now gone and I'm currently sitting cross legged on my island peeling stickers off Sputnik 1 while watching a fabulous episode of Cityline with great give away prizes and Jann Arden who I adore and is so freaking funny.

The show is back on so back to my perch, back to picking labels.

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