Sunday, February 04, 2007

This is my luck of late: for fun I booked tickets to Cityline with Marilyn Dennis for myself and a friend (I love Marilyn Dennis and would quite happily stalk her...and Margaret Atwood, love Margaret Atwood) - the tickets are for tomorrow. What are they doing tomorrow? Showing us how to make a bed. Great, I never make my bed and I definitely don't need to know how to do hospital corners. Reading over the day's profile it has to be the most boring show ever. And then Tuesday, well Tuesday is pajama/girlfriend day with Jann Arden. Jann Arden makes me laugh harder than anyone and coupled with Marilyn Dennis, well let's just say I would have had to borrow a pair of Mom's depends.

But instead I will making beds with Lynn Spence.

Anyway, if you're home tomorrow from 10-11, tune in and see me passed out unconscious in the audience...hopefully I won't be drooling.

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Lauraine said...

I saw you! In the first shot of the audience, there you were - all smiling and cute looking. Now I have to watch the rest of the show and hopefully see you again. Yeah!

p.s. There will be a quiz about box springs later. :)