Monday, February 05, 2007

Home day on Cityline must have been the most boring show ever aired in their entire on-air history. It really was all about how to make a bed, how to make those perfect hospital corners, how to iron the sheets while on the bed, how to measure the height of your boxspring, how to fold a fitted sheet...absolutely painful.

Fortunately I had Brenda to give me a good jab in the ribs when ever I looked like I was about to nod off - and she was very enthusiastic about it. And because of the absurdity of the content, I laughed so hard - to the point where I had tears welling up in my eyes and I had to hold my nose to try to prevent them from spilling over and down my cheeks.

Brenda was the best person to go with. We started laughing hysterically, again with tears threatening to roll, when we found out that our take home gift was tea. Bad tea. A painful show only to be rewarded by bad tea - it just couldn't get better. Actually it did get better; it happened when I looked in to my gift bag and discovered stationary with teddy bears and a coupon for a day's shopping at Sam's Club but at a cost which equaled 10% of their regular annual membership fee.

And also when I went to shake Marilyn Dennis's hand, hoping to win her over as my new best friend with some witty comment, only to spit out a few words that made me seem like I had serious mental issues.

When she gave me a crazy look and said "oh yeah, I hear you" and started backing away, I knew our friendship was doomed.

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