Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ron has been over the past two days - the official reason behind his coming over is to work on the deficiency list. The REAL reason for his coming over is to play GUITAR HERO. He's an addict.

___ has promised that the electrician will come tomorrow to hang all the light fixtures and that we will have an installed barn door on Friday. That should be interesting...why do I have this nagging feeling of doubt? Because he LIES? Hmm, maybe. Then it's only the painters that are needed for touch ups. Of course now we're noticing the screws in the kitchen ceiling are starting to pop which means we will never be free of ____.

But will I be able to photograph the finished result to post to the blog? Nope. Because someone in the house BROKE my digital camera. This I found out when I walked over to the kids' school to photograph the new principal for the newsletter only to find that when turned on, it looks like I'm trying to document some radioactive mass. Nobody will admit to messing with it in the house, even when I ask in a calm rationale voice.

We also had to buy a new vacuum cleaner and I didn't go cheap. I bought what was promised to be a really good one, one that would last at least 10 years. It isn't/it won't. It's crap. A big red plastic canister of crap. Now I'm going to have to take it back to Sears - or I should say Paul will have to take it back - and bring my other neglected one back in off the porch.

What has me excited right now is that we're going to New York from March 22 to March 25 to attend our friend William's art opening. I have booked our hotel and will try to score flight tickets off airmile points tomorrow morning - otherwise I'll be reserving those tickets too, first thing and then no doubt writing about it.

Time for bed - I have a wicked head cold. I have noticed my immune system isn't what it should be - I'm catching everything.

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