Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm sitting here with a glass of wine, my mother sitting beside me and I'm struggling to know what to type. Something that won't incriminate me (with my mother) and impact my inheritance.

My Mom's been here for two weeks and has been keeping me distracted. My Mom is diabetic and is currently popping Hershey kisses with almonds with a fervour that rivals only a crack addict focusing on their next hit and also musing on why her blood sugars are a bit high.

I feel like I have so much to catch up on...starting with Christmas.


...started with the kids rising early and me mumbling "go back to bed, NOW!" Finally I relented and sent them down to see if Santa came...and he did. Then I managed to score a couple more minutes by saying "okay, go down and open only 2 presents." When Satchel came back up saying Jakob had opened ALL the presents, I pulled my weary self from the bed and finally descended the stairs.

We opened our stockings and not so patiently waited for Mom to join us, her stocking sitting neglected on the chair. Finally we moved in to the kitchen to our Christmas presents and we began to tackle those while still waiting for Mom to come down. Finally she arrived and was thrilled with what Santa brought and we bought (as you can tell from her expression). Shoot, I can't find the picture. I'll recover it later.

After all the presents were opened - and for the first time Jakob did NOT cry when he had finished opening his stash - Jenifer, Norm and kids joined us for brunch and then spent the afternoon. After they left I hit the kitchen; we had been invited for dinner at Kim & Scott's and I needed to get working on stuffing and cranberries. Embarrassingly the cranberries were from a can so I tried to find creative ways to present them, I'm sadly short on nice serving bowls. This could be a new years resolution for myself, second only to the "drink more" as suggested by my friend Pat.

We had a wonderful time at Kim's - the turkey dinner was fantastic and no one fell ill to the evils of salmonella like last year's dinner at Paul's sister's house. And I'm still a waifish 126 pounds!

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