Monday, January 29, 2007

I have been a victim of debit card skimming - $1,000 taken from my chequing account. I think it happened at the Paramount theatre on John Street, where I took Satchel on Friday to see a movie. Now I have to call my daycare and tell them to hold off on cashing the cheque on the 1st because it will bounce and can only hope that the bank will replace the money quickly.

I am so angry and also feel very helpless as I wait for my bank manager to call. I tried using my bank card today only to have it declined and a message showed to go to my bank to have an issue resolved. Once there, the teller replaced my card but it took her quite a while because she had never done it before and when she showed me the screen with my bank activity, there was really nothing to see. It was only coming home and going online to check my account that I found $1000 missing - in 2 neat $500 packages.

So what does one do? Hide their money under mattresses? Try to manage now all transactions with cash? Charge everything and then pay up at the end of the month?



Lauraine said...

So sad, I feel for you. As a precaution you should get a credit report done to make sure it's just your debt card. You can get one online immediately through for $15.50 or go the long route and get one for free. It means mailing in information and having them mail you the report. Either way, it might give you some peace of mind, it did for me.

Anonymous said...

The bloody buggers! Do they think the money grows on trees! Will the bank tell you where you were skimmed? I would then make sure some kind of legal action is taken against the theatre if it was them, like you said, do we have to put the money in our mattress -- the banks sure aren't giving any interest.

Amanda said...

This happened to me too. It took the bank about a week to resolve the issue, but what a hassal... I had things bouncing right, left, and centre!
Lots of NSF charges to boot.
I never did find out where this happened. The bank had ideas, but kept them very secretive.