Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So much has been going on, distracting me from writing.

My surgery has been confirmed for next Wednesday. I'm to arrive at 8:30, hang out for an hour before having the wire shoved into my breast while having a mammogram. And then I continue to hang out in the hospital with a wire in my breast until mid-afternoon when I will finally have my lumpectomy.

All I can think is JESUS this is going to hurt. And also calculating how long I will have to go between meals pre and post surgery and that I am not a happy camper on an extended empty stomach - and don't even mention the lack of coffee in my system.

Thankfully this weekend is one of my favourite weekends of the summer - when Jenifer and I hightail it out of Toronto to Wilson NY for a long weekend where we will shop at outlet malls and Target, drink lots of wine, play endless games of UNO, read magazines and watch chick flicks. A terrific way to distract me even though it does mean abandoning Satchel part way through his (12th!!!!) birthday.

This also marks the 2nd anniversary of the start of my life falling apart with breast cancer. It was at Jen's in-law's cottage playing UNO and drinking wine that I started experiencing burning pain in my right breast which led to the check-up with my GP, to the many, many tests with my oncologist/surgeon to the mastectomy and reconstruction. Last year at the cottage I felt like I had come full circle as we drank more wine and played more UNO, I thought I was finished with breast cancer. And now, one year later, it's messing with me again.

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