Thursday, August 07, 2008

Jakob and I flew back from Edmonton on Monday and I returned with mixed emotions.

I had a wonderful time seeing Thomas, getting to know Susan and Noah, meeting Maya who was absolutely adorable and inspired feelings of kleptomania...but my mother! God, she was miserable and nasty to Jakob.

But, the trip can't be about my mother. Or at least the blog. My mother will come up over many glasses of wine with friends.

Jakob and I really did have a wonderful time and Edmonton was so much more lovely than I would have expected. Instead of industrial, it was very green with much culture. The differences in the landscapes from Edmonton to Calgary were extraordinary - the saturated yellow of the canola fields reminded me of the fields of sunflowers in the south of France. The layers discerning the ages in Drumheller were fantastic.

As you can see, I did not exaggerate the cuteness.

And the West Edmonton Mall! How do you top that? Especially when you're 6! Jesus, that place is crazy: water parks, pirate ships, fire breathing dragons...

Definitely a trip to make again.


Anonymous said...

Wow that Maya is one cute little girl.
You are so-o-o-o-o lucky to be her aunt.
It was great that you came out (perhaps the start of a family trend?)
Always welcome to come back and, like I said before, feel free to send Jakob back any time.

Anonymous said...

And who is that guy wearing the non-prescription sunglasses?