Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I woke up in such an irritated mood - one that was partly created by my frustration with the guitar last night. I feel like my brain just shuts down when it decides that it's had quite enough thank you very much and completely rejects what I'm trying to force upon it. In this case strumming Needle and the Damage Done rather than plucking the song (which sounds far better plucked ANYWAY and really does feel like an exercise in futility).

I was so irritated trying to figure it out, all while designing a logo for a new client, that I wanted to slam my Simon & Patrick guitar against the wall or my head, whichever was harder.

But I felt like I was given a little present by the gods today - I was going through old photo albums at work and look what I found:

I have NEVER seen this picture before! Taken in 2002, Satchel is 6 and Jakob is 8 months...and look at the size of his head!

I was also amazed that there is not ONE SINGLE line in that forehead of mine and wow, is that really my natural hair colour? I look like a teenage mother.

And you know at that comment Paul is rolling his eyes while thinking "boy I love my family."

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