Saturday, July 26, 2008

Returned from Grand Falls NB today and I have to post pictures of my most favourite place in the entire town before heading off to/collapsing into that I have found my toothbrush.

Yep...that's a potato.

We had a fabulous visit and I will write a more fulfilling update tomorrow.

Monday, Jakob and I fly off to Edmonton (I'm a little nervous - Noah will NEVER be the same after complete corruption by Jakob - sorry Thomas, you've been warned) where we will meet the newest addition to our family - Maya, one of my favourite names, one of my favourite poets.


Anonymous said...

If you like the giant potato just wait until you get here and I will drive you out to Vegreville to see the world's largest easter egg.
And, if we have time, we can run to Llyodminister to see the world's largest railway spikes.
In the prairies the list of the world's largest why-the-hell-did-they-build-that list of things just goes on and on and on.
I have considered the whole Noah-Jakob thing and figured we can either give Noah shots or pray his side of the force wins.
Besides what can happen in one week (famous last words I am sure).
See you Monday.
P.S. I was thinking of middle names for Maya. Contemplated Elizabeth but then thought one Meg in the family was enough.

Meg said...

Nothing beats a giant potato. And it's been there for more than 20 years! I love that they must have had had that critical discussion so many years ago..."so June, what do you think eh? Maybe a giant fiddlehead? That would look some nice in front of the motel." "Now, Jean, you know that you only get fiddleheads maybe two weeks out of the entire year, I'm thinking a nice big potato right? 'Cause no one would understand a giant donair, and how would you make the sauce? Yep...a giant potato, one the children could ride on. Something the McCains would be PROUD to fry up and stuff into a bag."