Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm back from my near week-long trip to Nova Scotia with Satchel...and we had a fabulous time!

Though Satchel was a victim of my nostalgia with me dragging him through the streets of Halifax saying "Look Satchel, there's my old school, there's my apartment, there's where Daddy and I had our first date...and oh look, where we used to suck back milkshakes that were so loaded with blueberries that they would plug our straws! Isn't this fabulous!"

You can imagine the eye rolling but he was so incredibly patient as he searched out stores that just might carry Yugioh cards and transformers in the hope of saving his sanity while I nattered on. His peace of mind was finally found for $30 at Mic Mac mall in Dartmouth.

I forgot how much I loved downtown Halifax.

We took a tour of the Corvette Sackville from WWII (the last remaining in North America but I noticed I was hearing that a lot while there, this is the LAST _____ in North America!) and while on the ship met a man named Peter who had fought with the US Navy during WWII and on a Corvette so very patiently told us everything there was to know about it and also what it was like to see action during the war.

Satchel and I took a whale watching tour but as is my luck saw no whales, only a lobster and crab plus a lot of seagulls trying for scraps.

After 4 days we left Halifax and moved on to Kim & Scott's cottage which will be my next posting.

Flying Porter - absolutely fantastic, I only want to fly with them from now own. If only they would expand their destinations! Satchel was very excited.

Pictures taken on the harbourfront.

Entrance to NSCAD.

The entrance to Point Pleasant Park.

The entrance to Paul's and my apartment on Victoria.

Having dinner at Pedlars Pub - where Paul and I had our first date. Before catching the classic film that carried the catching line: Don't Bury Me - I'm Not Dead Yet!

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