Thursday, October 18, 2007

If you listen closely you will hear the sounds of my seething frustration: SATCHEL HAS LOST HIS BRAND NEW JACKET ALREADY! He drives me insane with everything that goes missing - and now he's trying to blame Paul for it, that Daddy should have looked in the schoolyard.

He is SO close to not reaching puberty.


Anonymous said...

Today I had my first meeting with the principal of the school.
Apparently, Noah's teacher had posted information about him on another person's facebook wall.

my reno said...


How did you manage to find out and were you able to have it removed?

Anonymous said...

I was on the, sadly immature, co-worker's friend's list.
I was about to post on her wall when I kind of noticed "noah...curly hair...cute...".
Read further and the teacher had posted the name of her school, her position as the k.d teacher and that Noah is one of her students.
My questions for the principal were:
-why was the teacher talking to anyone about Noah
-why did she think posting on a semi-public forum was a good idea
(thoughts of a ped going to the k.d door at his school, looking for a cute, curly haired boy, yelling "noah!", and then telling him that his father had sent him to pick him up ran through my mind).
Of course the drama queen at work is treating me like the bad guy for being pissed that she invaded Noah's privacy in such a way (pissed and disgusted for her comments about hooking Noah up with her daughter)