Wednesday, August 01, 2007


And to start our vacation we spent a long weekend in the London area.

First driving in Saturday morning to go to Dave's son Nicholas's birthday party. Then to St. Thomas for dinner with Bill and him treating us to the Simpson's movie. (Bearable only because it was Satchel's #1 on his vacation wish list).

Back to Dave's place to spend the night and then off to the fire station where he works for a tour - view Dave looking quite handsome dressed in his official tour guide/firefighter duds.

Sunday we headed off to visit Kathy and Geoff, two of our favourite friends who live in Crediton where we had a fabulous time and met this little guy:

Who spent all his time posing for photos, happily taking a break from his life with the carney's.

We ate so well (thank you Kathy for always spoiling us!) and drank and laughed harder than I have in a long time and hung out at the beach...

We had an absolutely amazing weekend.

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