Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It was soccer night for Jakob and I can't begin to describe fully the dread I feel when Tuesday rolls around. I pretend that soccer doesn't even exist up until I pick him up from daycare and then quietly announce we have to rush home, eat dinner, get ready and SUPPORT HIS TEAM!

Then it's as all thoughts, all words, have merged into one: ihatesocceri'mtheworstplayeri'mnotgettingatrophyihatesoccer IDON'TWANTTOGO!!!!!!!

It is so incredibly painful.

More painful even then yesterday when I surprised Jakob by picking him up very early in the afternoon from daycare to take both kids to the CNE. On the streetcar Jakey proceeds to yell "Stop talking in my ear Satchel, you're giving me a headache. This is the worst day EVER! I want a new family! Now you're doing it Mommy, you're giving me a headache. Stop talking! I'm serious, I want a new family!"

I hear you Jakob, sometimes - like when I innocently sit on a toilet seat soaked in boy pee - I think the very same thing.

The day did pick up for all of us at the fair where we had a fabulous time and Jakob decided to give us another shot.

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