Thursday, August 09, 2007

Save me from the children. Save me from cursed Pokemon speak.

I am sitting here, still on vacation, pondering of the 2 vacation scenarios presented to me, which really would have been worse: going to Grand Falls, NB, spending time in Paul's mother's kitchen drinking from a box of wine while she rambles on about all the injustices she has experienced in her life, WHICH AMOUNTS TO A LOT, and the cancer that she has been anticipating for the past 18 years to affect her - and she's pretty certain it's just around the corner now; or sitting here in MY kitchen for nearly the entire 2 weeks drinking from a bottle of wine, mumbling incoherently about all the injustices that have taken place in my life, especially during our so-called vacation/family time, WHICH ALSO AMOUNTS TO A LOT. And in both situations being the sole parent taking care of the kids.

But while still thinking clearly, I would admit that the wine is better here...

Our family vacation has turned out to be a bit of a bust since Paul seems to have an ongoing vendetta with the tree stump in the back of our property. He's back out there as I type for another round with a chainsaw. It's become personal.

To try to make amends for the disappointing family vacation, I took the boys to Centre Island yesterday where we went on rides and then spent the last couple of hours in the splash pool. The kids had a fantastic time and Jakob bravely went on all the rides - which meant I got to go on all the rides!

I also took the kids to see Ratatouille, which I loved and Satchel loved but Jakob spent most of the time complaining of boredom between mouthfuls of popcorn. I came out of the movie promising myself to take cooking lessons but if nothing else the movie inspires an immense love and appreciation for food...and Paris.

Of course where did I eat last night after the Centreville experience? Pauper's Pub where I enjoyed a wonderful Brazilian salad and Voodoo chicken (delicious and exactly what I wanted but you do leave feeling like you have eaten a brick) and a couple of pints. Also explains why I passed out at 8pm.

Jakob has a friend over and just ran by with underwear on his head.

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