Saturday, March 03, 2007

Our project this weekend, outside of hanging pantings and curtains, is that we're supposed to go over the initial contract from ___ to determine if there is anything else we can hopefully deduct from his last invoice. So far we have a credit for the front door knob that R__ threw out, hopefully a credit for a $40 dimmer switch that Ron threw out and replaced with a $1 light switch, and we want ___ to justify why we were charged $500 the final clean when it consisted of R__ running through the house with a swiffer and a paper towel, and a half ass job at steam cleaning the attic carpet. I'd like to deduct $450 for that joke of a job.

My poor camera is dust, may it R.I.P. I am now waiting for Henry's to send me a replacement by Sony valued at with lens, $1,200. Yippee!

I am still poor having lost at the Millionaire lottery - not one number the same. Sigh.

Paul had his birthday on the 28th and I threw a birthday party which ended with American Idol on the PS2 and all of us signing and being rejected horribly by SImon. Well not all of us, William ended up being brilliant, David getting a perfect score and Paul doing quite well too. I think they're all wannabe lounge singers, needing only a polyester suit. While at the party I gave Scott a belated birthday present: Jesus Christ bandages which I told him I'd had blessed by a priest which tripled their healing powers and a little punching bag that when knocked, swears like a Newfie fishwife (or me). Scott took to shaking it at William everytime he'd make a comment about his "competitive nature."

Now we're desperate to get the game so we can have kareokee parties regularly. We're kareokee junkies!

Wow, Jakob has a friend coming over tomorrow - that's never happened before. I didn't think he had friends. Crazy.

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